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Milk does a body good – Creative Advertising

Milk does a body good – or in this ad’s case: milk helps develop strong white teeth | Food Advertisements, Food Advertising, Design Advertising, Creative Advertising, Marketing Creative, Advertisement Design, Ads Design, Advertising Campaign, Design

Cool play on the message they represent

Cool play on the message they represent, they save people one way is by feeding the hungry Powerful Advertising, Advertising Guerrilla, Advertising Print, Creative Advertising, Advertisement, Army Porridge, Porridge Bread, Your Help, For Your

Flat TVs have some major disadvantages.

Flat TVs have some main disadvantages… oh man, simply unbelievable. television so skinny he dropped it via the grate I Noticed That The Campaigns, Artistic Observed, I Noticed That The Company, Care Convey, Posters Observed, Humorous Business, Flats Screens, Prints Advertisements, Thinnest Flats –

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