The Shark, Plastic Habit, Garbage

During the summer of 1975, Jaws was the summer blockbuster film. A great white man-eating shark was terrorizing the fictional resort town of Amity Island. Fast forward to the summer of 2011 and the not so new great white terror of the ocean is the ever growing plastic garbage stew circling around in the middle(…)

If you kill a tree, you kill more than one life

If you kill a tree, you kill more than one life. October 18th Global Nature Protection Day. Advertising Agency: Room 23, Buenos Aires, Argentina Advertising Creative, Graphic Advertising, Creative Ads, Powerful Advertising, Global Nature, Life Global, Inspirational Ads, Inspirational Advertisments, Graphicdesign Designer

Mcdonald S Halloween

McDonald’s wishes you a happy Halloween in German. And it’s one badass ad. Mcdonal S Ads, 12 Advertisement, Mcdonalds Advertising, Advertisements Flyers, Advertising Commercial, Wooow Advertising, Commercial Break, Advertising Food, Mcdonald S Halloween

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